Founded in the city of Angels and harvested in the Santa Ynez Valley, Best Coast Beverages captures the essence of the Golden State in a stylish can. Crafted with the wine aficionado on the move in mind, our cans serve up a luxury wine experience imbued with California's signature sense of ease. It's fine wine without the fuss.


Raised just outside of Napa Valley, Best Coast Beverages' founder Caroline Juen spent her formative years in California's legendary wine country, where her extended family still resides today. Caroline followed her heart to sunny Southern California, where she broadened her palate and developed a deep love for her new home—ultimately, founding her popular blog, an ode to the City of Angels: Love & Loathing LA, a guide for Angelenos in-the-know.

After countless getaways to the nearby Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara Wine Country, Caroline was inspired by the area's easy-going, fancy-free approach to wine. She wanted to bottle—or, rather, can—that feeling. Working with the talented, pioneering female winemaker Sonja Magdevski, Caroline brought her Best Coast Beverages dream to life with the debut of two sparkling wines that embody California's free spirit, laid-back luxury and effervescent energy.


Best Coast Beverages are ready to roll. Our flavor profile and can design are 100% inspired by the idyllic Southern California lifestyle. Founded in the City of Angels, harvested in the Santa Ynez Valley and canned in Napa Valley, our debut fizzy red and white blends are batched in limited runs. Evocative of a region noted for its ever-changing landscape and influenced by the dynamic creatives and innovators who’ve made it their playground, Best Coast Beverages is committed to a constant state of movement. Trust us, you'll want to bring us with you wherever you go!


Founded in Los Angeles. Harvested in the Santa Ynez Valley. Canned in Napa. From grape to can, Best Coast Beverages is California grown. 

Working with friend and renowned winemaker Sonja Magdevski, Caroline began her journey by hand selecting grapes grown in the Santa Ynez Valley and nourished by the California sun. The grapes were then harvested in small batches and blended to perfection by Sonja and Caroline, and canned in Napa Valley. 

Enjoy our fine wine fancy-free: BCB pairs well with beaches, picnics, pools, concerts, or any time you’re feeling bubbly.